Why Us?

Why us?

  • Our unrivalled track record – since 2001 we have trained more young people to be professional players than any other organisation in the country.
  • We have prepared more young people for successful places in College or University than any other organisation in the country.
  • Inspirational training – our tutors are experienced, working musicians – some of the best in the business.
  • High quality rehearsal facilities with industry standard equipment.
  • Individual learning – we maximize your experience by doing what is right for you – not force fit you into a system.
  • We welcome students from all different backgrounds and abilities and we cater for the individual’s needs. A desire to play music is all that is required.
  • We connect with the music industry and have regular contact with record labels, managers and agents providing opportunities for our students.
  • Our students regularly get top marks in school for music exams.
  • Based near Glasgow which is the music Capital of Scotland is an ideal place to be for job opportunities. A must for networking and getting into the industry.
  • Our credibility is your guarantee – The Rock and Pop Academy of Scotland’s reputation and experience is second to none.