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LnP Promotions

LnP Promotions is the main fundraising body for Loud 'n' Proud, organising high profile gigs in Paisley & Renfrewshire to raise money for our many charitable projects.

As well as providing music and band tuition, Loud 'n' Proud has been creating opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Renfrewshire for over a decade. None of the work Loud 'n' Proud has done over the years could be achieved without the generous donations we have received, and since 2013 LnP Promotions has acted on behalf of Loud 'n' Proud to give something back to the community in return for its on-going support.

Keep a close eye on our events page and LnP Promotions' official website for details of upcoming gigs, fundraising events, and ways that you can support our invaluable youthwork.