Mission Statement

Our Mission:-

Is to educate, train, and prepare students for a career in either music or music technology and at the same time give others the ability to play and enjoy music.

Developing musicianship and knowledgeable technicians is the foundation of our work. We believe that the lessons and qualities derived from that work is the foundation of the student not only as a player or an engineer but a valued part of society. The self-discipline needed for excellence to make good music and the things that are required to make music i.e. timekeeping, preparation, relying on others, being relied upon, working in a team that makes music a powerful catalyst for personal growth and good citizenship.

Our syllabus is founded on Rock and Popular with Traditional, Jazz and Blues thrown in for good measure. The curriculum is distinctly contemporary in its content and approach, and embraces the principal musical movements of our time. Through a course of practical learning integrating performance and writing, our curriculum covers the variety of influential styles, relevant technologies, and career opportunities open to today’s music professional.


  • To provide a broad range of routes suiting the individual to performance level that will prepare them for careers in music that reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities that define music today whether it be exam and grade based or not.
  • To give young people the necessary skills to perform and to enable them to make informed decisions on a career in music whether it is through further education or directly into the music industry.
  • To encourage our students to appreciate the history of music and how it enriches society and intercultural understanding.
  • To provide an environment in which all know that they are full and valued members of the community.
  • To value ethical behaviour in all aspects of personal and professional life by establishing a community that values integrity in all relationships.
  • To retain our position in music education for young people and to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant in the modern changing music industry.


Our delivery and methods have changed and improved over the years as we have developed but the principal has always stayed the same.

Music has been taught through the music of the time; and that our students need practical, professional skills for successful, sustainable music careers. While our core philosophy has not changed, the music around us has and requires that we evolve with it.

For over 10 years we’ve demonstrated our commitment to this approach by wholeheartedly embracing change whether it is musical taste or technology. We update our syllabus and technology to make them more relevant for today’s market. We prepare our students for a lifetime of professional and personal growth through the study of music and performance through bands and groups.

Far from our early days as a youth project we have become a well-respected organisation in the community and in the music industry. We are a place where aspiring music professionals learn how to integrate new ideas, adapt to changing musical genres, and showcase their distinctive skills in an evolving community. We are at the centre of a widening network of industry professionals who use trust as a recommendation more than a qualification.